Why have a Wedding Film? | Hiring a Wedding Videographer 2018

The New Years has just passed us by, and Valentines Day is moving closer and closer. Maybe you are engaged, JUST got engaged, or know something you shouldn't.....

So you start to browse the internet for Photographers, and Venues, and Florists, and Planners, and Catering....but what about video? Unfortunately, video is usually the last thought on people's mind, because its sort of a new thing. Now of course, people have been filming weddings on VHS Cameras for YEARS, but within the last 8 years, it has truly become an art-form, and in some cases, just as important, if not more important than Photos! 

(I'm sorry Photographers, but as a Photographer....it's true!)

Ok, well everything is important at your wedding, but lets talk about 5 reasons why it's incredibly important to have video!

1. It's the only thing (other than photos) you walk away with

Ok, so obviously, yes, you have your dress, some leftover cake, and your memories, but years later when you want to think back on your wedding...you only have the Photos and Videos. Video is an amazing thing, and  now in the digital age can live forever online, safely backed up too! 

We always keep all of our files, with a backup, but ALSO have 2 backups on different websites, so even one day, WAY in the future, your Wedding Film will always be something you can access and pass on to your family to see forever!

2. Remember the Sounds

People always give me odd looks when I talk about how important sound is, and the sounds we remember. Sound is one of the first things our Brains forget. We remember visions, and smells, but sounds is a lot harder to remember. 

One of my favorite things I have is a recording of my Grandfather who passed away years ago. If it wasn't for this recording, I honestly wouldn't be able to remember his voice. 

Now, we hate to sound so sad, but it's true!

A Wedding Film has all the sounds, speeches, music, laughter, all of the amazing sounds YOU hear, but will probably forget in the future. We are sure to use the best microphones possible to capture all of the best sounds, so that you'll always remember a voice, a vow, a laugh!

3. Did you see what Cousin Adam was doing on the Dance Floor?

If you have a cousin named Adam, your jaw just dropped! But in all seriousness, we get caught up in so much of the formal traditions and events during the day, we miss the little things. Well, not little, actually big!

Having a Wedding Film can show you some of the priceless stuff you may have missed on the day. Maybe it was Cousin Adam break dancing on the dance floor, or Father-in-Laws sharing a split-second "Man Hug" or maybe it was a Tear-filled smile from Grandma during your Ceremony. Video can capture all of these unseen moments of your special day.

4. Your Love Story... is Now Your Movie!

I think at one point in time for every one of us, we wanted to be a movie star. Now, even though you may not be slaying dragons or jumping off buildings...having as Wedding Film makes YOUR BIG DAY...a Movie!

One of the things we strive for is a "Cinematic" experience! We want you to feel like your watching a Romantic and Exciting Film about your special day. One of the ways we do this, is by ensuring we are using the right "Cinema" Equipment and Techniques needed to pull this off. Doing things like Shooting on 4K HDR Cameras, Using Cinematic Lighting Techniques throughout the day, as well as Cinematic Camera Movement!

So enjoy your very own movie!

5. It's the Best Bang for Your Buck!

So by now, you've seen "Cinematic Equipment" and are thinking...,"But what is this going to cost me?"

That's the best part! Having a Wedding Film can be as much IF NOT CHEAPER than most or all of your other Vendors! Now, we suggest NEVER investing in incredibly cheap Video, because of all of the important reasons we stated above, BUT you'd be surprised how inexpensive having an amazing film can be!

When you think of what you walk away with...

Teaser Film, Highlight Film, Feature Film, Fully Edited Events, Drone Footage, etc.

Wedding Films is the EASIEST way to walk away with the most product, without needing to take out a mortgage.

So are you Convinced?

You should be! Having a Wedding Film is incredibly important, and can be an incredible legacy that you can hold onto for a lifetime and beyond!

Want a Wedding Film for YOUR Wedding?

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Cameron Gallagher