Ted + Tonya | "A True Celebration of Love & Family"

Ted and Tonya’s love is truly special, but their special day united more than just the couple, it was the union of a family. On this day, Ted became the loving husband of his beautiful bride, and the happy father to two young girls,  who were the apple of this couple’s eye. The selfless love and devotion this family has for one another, graced the sweet, crisp, country air, and made this June day that much more sweet. The family celebrated their big day, and happy weekend at the Log Village and Grist Mill Campground. a hidden treasure in rural upstate New York, in a little town named Granville. This Gem featured luxury cabin Yurts to stay in, How FUN!

The view of a shimmering pond, beautiful greenery and flowers, were brought to life by floating white pollen which acted as natures “confetti”.  Their fun Peacock theme dropped little specks of colorful detail all around. This day was a true celebration of love & family!

Check out Their Highlight Below!

Cameron Gallagher